Canton Fair
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Canton Fair

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The first phase 133rd Canton Fair ended on April 19th.


Jiangsu Shangqi Group, as a VIP exhibitor, we focused on 2023 types hydrostatic loader, switched reluctance motor lithium battery forklift and other high-tech products, among which the one-button start, rear panoramic camera, multi-function touch screen integrated steering wheel, switched reluctance motor and other airborne equipment were used for the first time in the industry products. Our company's hydrostatic loader products are well received in the international market, and its export share has been leading in the segmented industry for many years. "Since the beginning of this year, the enterprise has gone abroad many times to connect with customers, hope that through the exhibition can communicate with more customers face to face, to win new orders."

In this Canton Fair, we have five machines on display: 

CPD25L Lithium battery forklift

CPDS18 three-wheel lithium battery forklift

New model 820 wheel loader

New model 850AT Telescopic wheel loader

1.8 Ton Mini excavator

We got real feedback and valuable suggestions from face-to-face communication with customers.

It helps us to improve and optimize the performance and competitiveness of our products.


Our products attracted a large number of customers, some left contact informations, some are willing to visit our factory.



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