Do You Understand Utility Work Machine(Multifunctional Tool Vehicle)?
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Do You Understand Utility Work Machine(Multifunctional Tool Vehicle)?

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Shangqi developed and manufactured SQ7500 utility work machines, the design inspiration of this machine comes from bobcat . We have many dealers selling bobcat U56. Although the sales volume is good, they also put forward a lot of opinions on U56, such as insufficient horsepower/too small traction/inconvenient maintenance , etc. So our factory designed and developed this multifunctional vehicle on the basis of it.


●Equipped with Efficient Kubuta v2607-T 75hp StageV/ Tier4 engine, which delivers the performance you need while reducing and simplifying routine maintenance. It also improves cold-weather operation and includes a variety of features that make maintenance and service more convenient.

●Variable-flow hydraulics,

●Four-wheel steer , four-wheel drive

●Operator-friendly controls

●SQ7500 can operate with more than 45 attachments for unmatched versatility, such as snow blower, bucket, sander...

●The updated drive response system, with two drive modes, makes it easy to adjust between traveling and working.  


I listed some frequently asked questions here:

1. A warm cabin? 

Yes , It has heater and A/C .Not only can the motive be used in the cold, but also in the hot summer. In addition, the machine is also equipped with an engine preheater, so that the machine can work more smoothly in winter.

2. Engine capacity from 75 hp? 

Engine only 75Hp , but it can has different brands , Kubota / Deutz / Korea Ls ,etc . All are 75 Hp.

3. Hydraulic system capacity 120 l/min? 

Hydrailic Auxiliary High Flow: 120L/min

4. Three-point rear mount, GAТ 2 with a lifting capacity of 1 ton, with three pairs of hydraulic control outputs, control levers in the cab (joystick)?

Lifting capacity 1200kgs, cargo box capacity 1500kgs. All controls can be in the cab .

5. Increased unloading height on the front boom 2.8 meters or 3 meters?

Now the liftin height is 2.25m ,if you need 2.8-3.0m , We can adjust the working device .


And it has other funtions ,

1. Cabin can lift automatic , easy for maintenance

2. Removable hydraulic tank

3. Triple gear pump

4. Bumper bumper



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