How can we use the excavator?
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How can we use the excavator?

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Excavator is a kind of earthmoving equipment that is widely used in industrial production. Its scope of use is continuously expanding, and the field of use is also increasing. We can see excavators in the area of farmland reconstruction, small earthwork engineering, municipal engineering, pavement repair, breeding farm, garden cultivation and river channel dredging engineering, and other operating environments.

mini tailless excavator 1.8t

  • What are the important components of excavator?

  • How to operate the excavator correctly?

  • How to start excavator?

What are the important components of excavator?

The three major parts of an excavator are the engine, hydraulic pump, and distribution valve.

The materials excavated by the excavator are mainly soil, coal, silt, soil and rock after pre-loosening. Judging from the development of construction machinery in recent years, the development of excavators is relatively fast, and excavators have become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction. The three most important parameters of an excavator: operating weight (mass), engine power and bucket capacity.

How to operate the excavator correctly?

1. Before the excavator is started or the operation starts, a signal should be issued; after the engine is started, it is strictly forbidden to stand in the bucket, arm, crawler and hangar.

2. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to stay in the excavator operating area. It is strictly forbidden for irrelevant personnel to enter the excavator operation room. It is forbidden for anyone to get on and off the machine and transfer objects. It is not allowed to put any objects that hinder the operation. It is not allowed to repair and maintain while working. .

3. The working position must be flat and fixed. Before working, the crawler should be braked, the tire excavator should be supported on the outrigger, the tire should be off the ground, the direction of the body should be consistent with the extension direction of the excavation face, the shovel should not be too deep during operation, and the bucket should not be too violent.

4. When excavating earthwork with stones on the working face of high slope, larger stones and sundries should be removed. If the soil is dug into the air and cannot collapse naturally, it needs to be handled manually, and it is strictly forbidden to use the bucket to smash the suspended earth.

How to start excavator?

1. The engine start switch is the position where the key is inserted to start the excavator: it means to start and start; ON means to connect and open. When the key is turned here, the circuit of the excavator is turned on; OFF means to disconnect and close It means that when the key is turned here, the whole circuit of the excavator is disconnected, and the key can be inserted and removed; HEAT means warm-up, when the temperature is low, turn the key here to warm up for use.

2. The instrument panel can always feed back the status information of the excavator, such as fuel oil quantity, cooling water temperature, oil temperature, engine speed, working mode, time, equipment maintenance information, fault inquiry and so on. Of course, the instrument panel and display content of each brand model are different, including liquid crystal display and digital display.

The mechanical matching of the excavator is good, and the hydraulic system has also been greatly improved. excavators are flexible, durable, value-preserving, and low-cost during work, so they are widely welcomed in the market. To meet these growing demands, Jiangsu Shangqi Heavy Industry Technology Co. has various excavator products and they are all more effective, reliable, and consistent.


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