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The beekeeping forklift is a handling equipment designed specifically for the beekeeping industry, and it usually has the following characteristics: Structural design: The design of beekeeping forklifts takes into account the habits of bees and the special needs of beekeeping, and there are usually



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Jiangsu Shangqi Heavy Industry Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2002 and is located in the economic development zone of Jingjiang city, enjoying convenient transportation and beautiful environment.



[Industry News] How do we choose forklifts? ---Common Forklift Classification
Forklift truck is one of the most widely used mechanical equipment in the industrial field, whether it is a warehouse, factory or construction site, a large number of cargo handling work requires forklift application. However, there are many categories of forklifts, and different kinds and loadings of forklifts have their own advantages and disadvantages. Before buying or renting a project, we need to have a relative understanding of forklifts. According to the different operation methods, there are 8 kinds of forklift classification in the market, and the unmanned situation of each type of forklift: 1) Pallet forklift truck 2) Stacker forklift truck 3) Counterbalance forklift truck 4) Reach forklift truck 5) Pick up forklift trucks 6) Off-road forklift trucks 7) Heavy lift truck 8) Telescopic boom forklift truck



[Company News] How much do you know about forklifts?
The technical parameters of the forklift are used to indicate the structural characteristics and working performance of the forklift. The most important technical parameters are nominal lifting weight, center of gravity distance, maximum lifting height, portal inclination, maximum driving speed, minimum turning radius, minimum ground clearance, wheelbase, wheelbase, etc.


Jiangsu Shangqi Heavy Industry Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2 0 0 2 and is located in the economic development zone of Jingjiang city, enjoying convenient transportation and beautiful environment.



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